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Poisons & Pages: A Library Witch Mystery Book 13 (AUDIOBOOK)

Poisons & Pages: A Library Witch Mystery Book 13 (AUDIOBOOK)

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Book 13 of 14: A Library Witch Mystery


Rory Hawthorn is in a bind - and not the sort that involves book pages. Her best friend has fallen into a coma, courtesy of rare poison without any known cure. The only source of information lies with the Founders, the knowledge-hunting vampires who want revenge on Rory for thwarting their plans - and to infiltrate the library and steal its secrets.

A potential lifeline appears when a strange Reaper shows up in town with her ghostly brother, claiming to want to help a group of lost spirits that have appeared at the Founders’ old house. To help the ghosts and save her best friend, Rory walks a dangerous tightrope between the Reapers and the vampires as she draws closer to the truth.

Can Rory survive long enough to pull off a miracle, or will the next lost soul to show up in the Grim Reaper’s domain be her own?

Narrated by Hollis McCarthy

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