What should I read next?

If you've never read any of my books before, I have a lot of titles, which can be overwhelming! Because of this, I've put together this quick guide to help you choose your next read.

Note: if you're looking for my Elle Adams mysteries, they're over on this page. Elle's ebooks are currently exclusive to Amazon and available in Kindle Unlimited. If you're looking for my fantasy books, though, you're in the right place!

Like urban fantasy? I have four recommended starting points.

Faerie BloodAlightCelestial MagicThief of Souls

The Changeling Chronicles

Faerie-killer Ivy is hired to find a missing child, replaced with a changeling. When things go south, she's forced to team up with the dangerous head mage, at the risk of exposing her own dark history with the faeries... and this time, running won't save her.

Legacy of Flames

Dragon shifter Ember must risk it all to rescue her sister from supernatural hunters, even if it means kidnapping a lethal ex-hunter who wants her dead. His inside knowledge of the monstrous Orion League is the key to saving her sister, but can she really put her trust in the enemy?

Celestial Marked Series

Devi is having the week from hell. Being accused of the murder of a fellow demon hunter is bad enough, but when even the demons think she made a deal with one of their own, the price to learn the truth might be steeper than she's willing to pay.

Order of the Elements

Liv Cartwright would rather play Dungeons & Dragons than spend her free time hunting dangerous objects in the magical Parallel, but when she gets her hands on a dangerous amulet, she finds herself the only person who can stop a supernatural war -- if she embraces the dark magic which took her memories and her mentor's life.

I also write epic fantasy! If you're more into your secondary worlds with magic and monsters, I recommend picking up one of these series first.

Relics of PowerDeath's Disciple

In my Relics of Power trilogy, a bookish loner is forced to team up with a sarcastic talking staff, a warrior with no memory of his past, and an inept aspiring assassin in order to stop an army of angry gods from overrunning the world.

If you like darker epic fantasy, my newest series is Death's Disciple, which follows a former dragon-riding warrior as she unravels a conspiracy linked to the god of death Himself.

I also have a few series in the 'weird stuff that doesn't fit into any other genre' category.

AdamantDarkness Watchingindestructible

First is a contemporary fantasy series that is kind of a cross between sci-fi and urban fantasy, with multiple worlds. I promise it isn't as confusing as it sounds. 

In the Alliance seriesthe Inter-World Alliance exists to keep the peace throughout the Multiverse and to keep deadly magical monsters from escaping to low-magic worlds like Earth. Otherworldly refugee Ada wants to protect her family, while new Alliance employee Kay wants to solve a murder. When Ada’s arrested as a suspect, she has to choose between keeping her family safe and helping the Alliance stop a deadly enemy.

Finally, I have a couple of YA series, the Darkworld series and the Indestructible trilogyDarkworld is on the line between YA and adult and follows college student Ashlyn as she deals with student life and the inconvenient ability to see sinister demons following her everywhere. Indestructible is fast-paced post-apocalyptic fantasy with nonstop action and a fierce heroine.


Have you already read one or two of my series and aren't sure what to read next?

The Changeling Chronicles

If you've read the Changeling Chronicles series, I have a recommended reading order for the various series set in that universe here. If you still aren't sure where to go next, I have three options:

Legacy of Flames: Go back in time twenty years before the faerie invasion and follow one of the last living dragon shifters in London as she fights to protect her sister from supernatural hunters.

The Thief's Talisman: Shortly after Ivy's adventures in the Changeling Chronicles, a half-human half-faerie receives an unexpected invitation from a little-known faerie court.

The Gatekeeper's Curse: The Gatekeepers help to keep the peace between humans and fae, but Ivy's actions in the Changeling Chronicles have had unintended consequences for both realms.

Already read one or all of those? I have a few other series set in the Changeling Chronicles world:

The Hemlock Chronicles (set after the Gatekeeper's Curse but before the other Gatekeeper's series), which revisits a certain coven of witches as well as Edinburgh's necromancer guild.

Heritage of Fire (set five years after Legacy of Flames but overlapping with the Hemlock Chronicles because I apparently like to give myself unending headaches with timelines! HOF doesn't spoil any series except for LOF, so it can be read on its own, though there are cameos from some other characters in the series world)

The Gatekeeper's Trials (set after all the aforementioned series except for...)

The Gatekeeper's Fate (...the final series in the Changeling Chronicles universe)

As I mentioned in the recommended reading order, I advise readers to pick up Ivy's series first (or Ember's) and then make your way forward in time for the best experience. But you can skip around all you like if you don't mind spoilers for series that are earlier in the timeline. :) 

And if you've read everything in that series universe, more urban fantasy recommendations are below!

Celestial Marked series 

Wow, a complete series with only five novels and no timeline weirdness. If you've read Celestial Marked and you want more fierce heroines with an attitude, I recommend reading the Changeling Chronicles next... assuming you're ready to wade into a universe of 30 books and 8 series.

If not, and you want more urban fantasy, my Order of the Elements series consists of only five books (not counting the spin-off, Parallel Magic).

Want more demons? Don't mind young adult books and teen protagonists? There's also my Darkworld series - which, again, is complete and self-contained with five books and a novella.

Order of the Elements

Did you read my nerdy urban fantasy series with elemental magic and deadly liches? How about the spinoff, Parallel Magic? (PM takes place alongside Order of the Elements with storylines overlapping from Books 3-5, but the two can be read separately without major spoilers. I swear I don't try to complicate things like this on purpose...)

If you've read both, try Celestial Magic for more urban fantasy, or brave the Changeling Chronicles universe.

If you're looking for more world-hopping shenanigans, there's also my Alliance series.

Relics of Power

Did you read my first epic fantasy adventure trilogy?

If you want more epic fantasy but don't mind things getting a bit darker, I recommend the Death's Disciple series next.

If you like the expansiveness of a created world, then I recommend my Alliance series as the closest match. It takes place across multiple worlds in an alternative Earth in which magic exists but is strictly regulated, and which a young woman might break the Multiverse... or save it.

If you like the scheming deities, the Celestial Marked series might be right up your alley. It takes place in an alternative Earth where the chosen celestial soldiers do battle with demons at the behest of the distant but powerful Divinities.

Death's Disciple 

You read my most recent series? If you're looking for more epic fantasy but a touch lighter and more on the adventurous side, try Relics of Power next.

If the necromancy and dark magic are more your thing, I consider Death's Disciple to be the spiritual successor to my Order of the Elements urban fantasy series.

Alliance series

Did you like the setting and magic of the Alliance series? As above, you might like the Relics of Power series for a focus entirely on a world that isn't ours.

Or if you'd rather stay a little closer to home, the Order of the Elements and Celestial Marked series both take place in alternative versions of Earth with magical differences. So does the Changeling Chronicles, if you don't mind embarking on a journey that spans 30 books. (Though the Alliance series is complicated enough in its own right!)

Darkworld Series

You read my first published series? Awesome! If you want more YA with a younger protagonist, the Indestructible trilogy is a slightly more action-y series than Darkworld.

If you want demons but adult characters, there's also the Celestial Marked series.

And... see the rest of my catalogue above. 

Indestructible Trilogy

I'd be surprised if anyone read this series first, but stranger things have happened. YA is kind of hard to market as an indie author and a lot of readers strongly dislike it, but if you enjoyed this series, I'd recommend Darkworld next and then my adult urban fantasy books.

Well... that wasn't as quick as I intended. I guess that's what happens when you have a lot of books, ha. 

(I'll try to keep this page updated with each new series release, but poke me if I left anything out!)