Elle's Reading Guide

Overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? 

(I'm assuming you know this is a guide for my paranormal mysteries. If you're looking for my fantasy books, you can find a similar guide here.)

My Elle Adams series are all set in the same "world" (with one exception - see below), so you can start with any Book 1 and you should have no problems.

Blair Wilkes Mysteries

Penniless graduate Blair Wilkes has an uncanny ability to cause havoc wherever she treads, and when she receives a job offer from a strange town called Fairy Falls, she’s desperate enough to take a chance on the unknown. Strangely, she never applied for any such position, but everyone in town seems to know who she is. They also seem to think she’s a witch…

Library Witch Mysteries

Bookshop assistant Rory happily spends all her time escaping into books — until she finds out her late father was a wizard! Living in an enchanted library with her magical family is her dream come true. But when she discovers a dead body hidden behind the stacks, she’ll have to book the culprit…

Reaper Witch Mysteries

Maura, ex-Reaper and reluctant ghost hunter, just wants to live a quiet life. Or as quiet as possible when she's followed everywhere by the ghost of her twin brother, anyway. Broke and in need of cash, she takes what she thinks is a simple ghost-hunting job from a teen blogger and ends up in Hawkwood Hollow, a town where the dead outnumber the living. Worse, a grumpy detective is there to stop her at every turn. Can she outwit him and lay the vengeful spirit to rest?

Wildwood Witch Mysteries

Robin Wildwood has always been the black sheep of her family… or red squirrel, as it were. But when she returns to her home town to attend her grandmother's funeral, she finds herself swept up in a murder mystery. Can she find the killer and stop her scheming relatives and rival covens from snagging her family's inheritance for themselves?

Cursed Witch Mysteries

Perry Jacobs is a witch with a secret - namely, she's cursed with eternal bad luck. It's only natural that Perry has made it her mission to hunt magical monsters, since she already attracts them in droves, but she doesn’t expect her latest assignment to see her exiled from London and sent to a castle in the middle of nowhere… or to be forced to join a team of fellow monster hunters.

I do have three books that aren't part of any of the above series. The Winter Witches of Holiday Haven series is a shared universe in which five of us paranormal mystery authors wrote three books each. They're fun wintery mysteries set in a cozy magical town located at the North Pole.

You can find the whole series on Amazon here.