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Collision: The Alliance Series Book 3 (Ebook)

Collision: The Alliance Series Book 3 (Ebook)

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Book 3 of 6: The Alliance Series

When Earth suddenly gains inexplicably high levels of magic, all fingers point at the Inter-World Alliance. With griffins and unicorns running amok around London and dangerous monsters escaping from the Passages, Ada and Kay are sent to seek out the source of the trouble.

On a distant world, where magic-fuelled forces of nature rule over humans, a disaster is sweeping the land. When Kay and Ada travel there with the other Ambassadors, they encounter a terrifying force of nature with powers they never expected. Worse, the rising magic level sends their own abilities haywire.

While Ada barely has a handle on the magic she still fears, Kay becomes more reckless than ever when testing the boundaries of his own abilities. Faced with living magic, their mission turns into a fight for survival -- and the future of the Multiverse.

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Customer Reviews

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Debby Suates
Book 3/Alliance

I am enjoying this series. Much action and many plot twists have been happening through the book series. Enjoyable reading.