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This is the secret page for subscribers to my Emma L. Adams author newsletter. Feel free to peruse the shelves and pick up any of the free short stories and novellas on offer exclusively for my VIP list.

  • Monarch's Mission: A Death's Disciple Prequel Novella

    Captain Yala has gift for cheating death, but a covert mission to an abandoned island is about to change the course of her life.

  • The Unexpected Tourist: A Relics of Power Short Story

    The gods have never met a tourist like Verica Carnelian...

  • The Lost Spirit: An Order of the Elements Prequel

    When I get on the wrong side of a dangerous earth mage, it's a good thing I have my lucky dice on my side...

  • Faerie Killer: A Changeling Chronicles Prequel

    I'm Ivy Lane, and this is the story of how I became known as the faerie killer.

  • Celestial Hunted: A Celestial Marked Prequel

    Devi Lawson is about to learn the hard way that making deals with demons has consequences...

  • Adrift: A Legacy of Flames Prequel

    In the aftermath of a faerie apocalypse, Ember fights to keep her little sister safe.

  • Passages: An Alliance Short Story

    To join the ranks of the Alliance guard, young Kay Walker must contend with a tunnel-dwelling monster.

  • The Last Gatekeeper

    This is a short story which takes place after the events of the Gatekeeper's Trials trilogy.