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  • A short story set between Books 4 and 5 of the Library Witch Mysteries series.

    Rory is used to dealing with mayhem in her family's magical library, but when a decades-old ghost escapes from a hidden corridor, she must solve a long-forgotten murder in order to lay the wandering spirit to rest.

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  • A short story set between Books 2 and 3 of the Blair Wilkes Mysteries series.

    Newbie witch Blair Wilkes hopes to spend her summer relaxing by the lake—until her familiar brings her a mysterious map which plunges her headfirst into an adventure. Pirate ghosts, witches, and missing treasure… there's never a dull moment in Fairy Falls!

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  • A short story set between Books 8 and 9 of the Blair Wilkes Mysteries series.

    It's the holiday season in Fairy Falls, and Blair is looking forward to enjoying the festivities. Unfortunately, nobody else seems to be relaxing. Her eccentric boss has decided to throw a last-minute Christmas office party, her best friend's witchy relatives are in town along with their pet hellhound familiar… and someone's stolen the coven's frozen turkey. Can Blair restore order before the holidays end in disaster?

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  • A short story set between Books 2 and 3 of the Reaper Witch Mysteries series.

    In Hawkwood Hollow, where the dead outnumber the living, Maura is used to the local ghosts showing up on her doorstep with requests. But when a ghost asks for Maura's help in finding a magical item which belonged to her when she was still alive and seems to have vanished somewhere in the local nursing home, she soon finds herself wrapped up in something a little more dangerous!

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  • A short adventure set between Books 3 and 4 of the Wildwood Witch Mysteries series.

    What happens when Rory and her family have a deadline to meet a Head Witch with a baby dragon in tow? 

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