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Elle Adams

Anything Ghost: A Reaper Witch Mystery Book 8 (AUDIOBOOK)

Anything Ghost: A Reaper Witch Mystery Book 8 (AUDIOBOOK)

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Book 8 of 9: A Reaper Witch Mystery


Halloween is on the way, but Maura has other things on her mind than celebrations when the coven leader unexpectedly hires her to find a missing book that’s been stolen by one of her old enemies.

Before long, Maura is navigating her way between coven members concealing ugly secrets, police officers who’ve had enough of Reapers interfering in their business, and an unexpected phone call from a family member who Maura hasn’t spoken to in years. Soon it becomes clear that the secret she’s helped the local Reaper keep from the outside world is under threat of exposure - along with Hawkwood Hollow itself.

Maura has no intention of betraying all the ghosts she’s befriended to the Reaper Council, but with her enemies multiplying and her loved ones under threat, she finds herself struggling to fight the battle alone.

Can Maura get the book back into the right hands before Hawkwood Hollow’s tragic history repeats itself?

Narrated by Sarah Kempton.

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