Social Media: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Hey, folks!

Since new social media channels seem to be popping up like wild Pokémon lately, I thought I'd post an update here with a list of all the places you can currently find me.

Firstly, the obvious ones. My Facebook page and Instagram are active (though mostly managed by my amazing assistant *waves at Mary*). I'm also on the new Threads app with the same username as my IG (emmaladams12). 

I'm also still on Twitter, or X, or whatever it's calling itself now. A lot of people are jumping ship due to the rising toxicity and the generally terrible user experience, but I've been there since 2011 and I'm reluctant to pull the plug just yet. We'll see.

I also joined Mastodon a while ago as one of the Twitter alternatives - I'm there as

Finally, I just (like, yesterday) joined the Bluesky app, which is still invite only but looks more like the old Twitter than any of the alternatives... we shall see. I'm on there as

As of yet I am not on Tiktok, or whatever the new hot thing of the hour is. I'm a writer, so words are my preferred means of communication. (I'm gradually starting to get into doing more podcast interviews, but I'm not my best on camera. Hi, social awkwardness!)

I've also been floating around various Discord servers over the past year, but I'm much less consistently present on there.

Oh. And I have a blog, too, I guess. Lol. I did say updates would be sporadic...

Honestly, the best way to keep up to date with my news is by joining my author newsletter(s), but I appreciate that some people just use socials, so I can theoretically be found in all of the above places. And possibly more in the future. How else would I procrastinate on edits?


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