New Year, New... Blog?!

Hey, folks!

Yes, I’ve started a new blog, for the first time in... five years? Six? It can't have been that long, surely... or so I thought, but apparently it's also 2023, the year that marks 10 years since I published my first book. Time is relentless like that.

I’ve debated about starting blogging again for a while, and with social media becoming less and less usable by the day and the need for a place to share my news that isn’t controlled by an algorithm or hidden behind a paywall (as much as I treasure my Patreon supporters), here I am. We’ll see how often I remember to post anything, though until it becomes possible to telepathically beam news about my books directly into readers’ brains, I have to, well, actually tell people they exist. One would think this would be obvious, but we writer types tend to get stuck in our own heads a lot and forget about the world outside. Particularly over the last couple of years.

So, here’s my new blog, to go with my shiny new website. I hope you enjoy the sporadic updates and general weirdness.


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