Death's Disciple by Emma L. Adams

Introducing my new fantasy series!

Hey, folks! 

I just wanted to drop in with a quick update on my latest book (and series). If you saw my Kickstarter, you'll know Death's Disciple is the first in an epic fantasy quartet, featuring character-driven action and intrigue, dark magic and high stakes, morally grey characters, and giant war dragons. The first book is now available from retailers and from my online store!

Here's the full blurb for Death's Disciple:

Seven years ago, Captain Yala Palathar was a hero. She and her squad of close-knit dragon-riding warriors were Laria’s elite, fighting for their nation alongside the monarch and his magic-wielding Disciples. Seizing control of an unmanned island should have been a simple mission, but Yala’s squad was little prepared for the horror and tragedy that awaited. Instead of triumph, all Yala and her allies found was death.

Years on, Yala lives in seclusion in the deep jungle, ignoring the rumours of unrest in the capital following the end of the war. She little expects assassins to find her hideout - nor does she anticipate the mission that ended her career to have given rise to rumours that see her targeted by mercenaries vying to claim a price on her head. With the other survivors from her squad being picked off one by one, she has little choice but to return to the capital in the hopes of finding answers.

Whether the truth lies with the Disciples of the Flame - who refused to believe her stories of the monstrous beasts that haunted the island - or with the long-dead king who sent her squad to their doom, one thing is clear. Yala must finish the battle she started all those years ago… even if it brings her face to face with the god of death Himself.

You can get the ebook here. (Print editions are coming in about a month, once Kickstarter fulfilment is completed!)

I hope you enjoy this dark and weird fantasy series! :D

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