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Emma Adams

Corruption's Claw (Hardcover)

Corruption's Claw (Hardcover)

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***Preorder: The book will be shipped to you on September 24th 2024***

In Laria, the truth cuts as sharp as a blade.

Former captain Yala Palathar and her allies prevented the god of death from claiming another city, but at a cost. Now, war threatens between Laria and their rival nation of Rafragoria after half a decade of peace, and tensions in the capital are at an all-time high. While the unprepared monarch tries to keep everything under control, it seems inevitable that Yala and her surviving squad-mates will be called to battle once again.

To complicate matters, bodies are washing up on Laria’s shores, corrupted by Mekan’s insidious magic. Yala is certain that someone is trying to push their nation into a fight that will achieve nothing but a fresh wave of souls to feed the god of death, but the Disciples of the Flame are determined to burn away the evidence - literally.

As Dalathar comes ever closer to boiling over in chaos, Yala must choose whether to reveal the secrets that will either save everyone from an avoidable war… or shatter the fragile peace holding Laria together.

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