Discord: Come and Join Emma L Adams in the Multiverse

I have a Discord server!

Hey, folks!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve set up a Discord server! It’s my hope that we can build a fun little community where real conversation can happen and we can have a blast talking all things fantasy.

Why did I do this? Well, I do have a Facebook group, but it’s increasingly hard to get FB to actually show my posts to people, which makes interaction challenging. I’ve been on Discord for a couple of years and the same doesn’t seem to be the case on there, so I’m hopeful that it’ll be a more pleasant place to hang out.

If you feel like joining me in the Multiverse, here’s the link!


So far there are places to discuss my books and latest news, share what you’re currently reading, memes and pet photos (this is the internet, after all!), and chat about other fantasy media like TV and video games. It’s entirely free to join and I’m hoping to keep it a drama-free zone, so I hope you’ll come and join me over there!

(Note: I’m working under the assumption that Discord will mostly appeal to readers of my fantasy books, but if you want to talk about my Elle Adams paranormal mysteries too, there’ll be space to do that as well!)

Happy reading!


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