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The Changeling Chronicles World Complete Collection (Ebook)

The Changeling Chronicles World Complete Collection (Ebook)

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Get all 30 books in the Changeling Chronicles universe in this once-in-a-lifetime deal. 

Enter the faerieverse and meet Ivy Lane, a faerie-policing mercenary and smart-mouthed freelance hiding some serious secrets. When she's hired to find a missing child replaced with a faerie changeling, her own dark history with the faeries comes crawling to the surface. The last thing she needs is an unwanted partner in the form of the seductively dangerous head of the Mage Lords - especially someone who asks the wrong questions. Because if the faerie lords find out about the magic Ivy stole the last time she was in their realm, running won't save her this time.

Ivy's story is just the beginning, and this bundle contains all thirty books set in the faerieverse - a version of our world that has gone through a magical transformation and is now teeming with mages, witches, necromancers, shifters, and faeries of all kinds. Each series is self-contained, but there are some crossover characters and settings.

Over 100,000 readers have downloaded the Changeling Chronicles series, which has 3000 5-star ratings across Amazon and Goodreads.


Books included in the bundle: 

Legacy of Flames

o   Alight

o   Arise

o   Aflame


The Changeling Chronicles

o   Faerie Blood

o   Faerie Magic

o   Faerie Realm

o   Faerie Wrath

o   Faerie Curse

o   Faerie Hunt

o   Faerie War


The Gatekeeper's Curse

o   Hereditary Magic

o   Hereditary Curse

o   Hereditary Power


The Thief's Talisman

o   Mortal Heir

o   Iron Bound

o   Exiled Queen


The Hemlock Chronicles

o   Witch's Shadow

o   Witch's Soul

o   Witch's Spirit

o   Witch's Secret

o   Witch's Sacrifice


Heritage of Fire

o   Ignite

o   Inflame

o   Inferno


The Gatekeeper’s Trials

o   Hidden Crown

o   Hidden Court

o   Hidden Power


The Gatekeeper’s Fate

o   Wild Magic

o   Wild Hunt

o   Wild Fury

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