Free Books

The following books by Emma L. Adams are free on all retailers and my store. Click on each image to get the free ebooks!

Adamant freeCelestial Marked freeFaerie Blood free download

Looking for more free books? If you're on a budget or just a voracious reader, I have some great options for you.


Scribd: A book subscription service through which you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks. All of my titles are listed there!

KoboPlus: Another subscription service that offers an ebook subscription, an audiobook subscription, or both. Like with Scribd, all my ebooks are up there, and so are any of my audiobooks that I own the rights to.

Note on Kindle Unlimited: Unfortunately, my Emma L. Adams titles are no longer enrolled in the programme due to Amazon requiring KU books to remain exclusive to their store. If Amazon changes the exclusivity requirement, I'll opt my books back into KU in a heartbeat!

My Elle Adams titles are in Kindle Unlimited, but aren't available on Scribd or KoboPlus or any other retailers due to the exclusivity requirement mentioned above.


My ebooks are easy to borrow from libraries! Even better, by requesting my book from your local library, you're showing that there's demand for my books and also making them available to more readers.

OverDriveBorrowBox, and Hoopla are just a few of the apps used by libraries - check your local library's website to see which one they use, and if my books aren't already listed on there, it should be easy to put in a request.

Finally... a note on piracy.

If you've ever found my books on a pirate site, you might wonder if there's a difference between that and any of the above options. There is! By borrowing the book from your library or reading through a subscription app, the author still gets paid. Piracy is illegal, doesn't benefit the author, and might in fact stop them from publishing altogether.

Writing is my full-time job and is only possible through the support of readers who purchase or borrow my books in ethical ways. I really appreciate every one of you!